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A Seat At The Table


Solange’s new album A Seat At The Table is out now and available to anyone that wants to listen and I recommend that you check it out immediately. The whole album is simply divine with its smooth melodies and thoughtful lyrics. The vibe of this album is chill while at the same giving off nice harmonies that make you want to rock back and forth. And, if you’re feeling up to it you may simply get up out of your seat and dance right along with her.

First, I recommend that you buy the album and give your support to this beautiful soul and talented artist. Then, you have to check out the corresponding videos Solange has for her songs Don’t Touch My Hair and Cranes In the Sky. This album really shows how much Solange has grown into her own. Her music is now reflecting the person that I have been seeing on her Instagram account, through her support of black people and their businesses, her style, fashion and more. I really like the Solange that I am seeing today because she is real and so relatable.

I honestly can’t pick a favorite out of the bunch just yet because the album is still raw and sinking in. I may have to listen to the album again and again this week just to make sure I can make an educated choice. If I had to pick two songs for you to listen to right now they would be Weary and Cranes In the Sky. Don’t Touch My Hair is also going to be on my list because it is so poignant and relevant today. I see myself in the imagery and words she has put into this song and I love that I can feel as though my voice and experiences are represented.

This album gets an A+ from me and I hope you check it out. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll talk to you in the next post!

What do you love most about Solange’s new Album?

Jasmine xx

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