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5 Benefits of Working Out with a Buddy


In this post, I am going to share the 5 benefits of working out with a partner, especially during those times when you simply don’t want to get up and get moving. Working out is, in fact, hard but once you get a rhythm going it becomes much easier and more enjoyable. When you add a friend to the mix, working out eventually becomes more bearable and you realize that the goal is bigger than your health and fitness. Having a workout buddy makes you have to also consider someone else’s goals too. Check out my tips below and let me know if there are any benefits you can add that help you workout and stay motivated.

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1. Your partner will keep you accountable

Accountability is key! I can’t tell you how many times I did not work out because no one knew that I planned to get fit in the first place. Today, I got off of work and was so tired because it was a long day. Once I got home, I ate dinner, digested, and then got into my bed. As I was close to falling asleep my friend texted me and said, “Hey, we’re still working out today right?”. I looked at my phone as I gave her message the ultimate side-eye. Long story short, I met up with my friend and we had a great workout and I feel fabulous. I am so glad she motivated me to get off my butt and workout!

2. You won’t get bored as easily

I feel like the lack of accountability thing plays into the boredom factor as well. Sometimes your workout routine can become mundane if you seem to do the same thing every time you exercise. Working out with a partner allows you to have a bit more fun with your normal routine. When I workout with a partner we have so much fun laughing and joking about the different exercises that we find challenging. On the same note, we also encourage each other to keep going when we only have five minutes left and are ready to quit.

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3. You and your partner can challenge each other

What happens when your workout is a little too difficult or you are simply too full from all the food you had an hour earlier? Well, if you are working out alone you can easily quit. However, once you have the support from your partner they will make sure that you don’t give up!

4. You have someone who is also making progress

It’s easier to see progress when it’s visible on another person’s body. If your partner is looking good there is no doubt that you are getting more ripped in the process as well! Keep encouraging your partner and they will do the same for you. Once you notice changes in your partners physic have faith that your body is changing too. The changes may not manifest in the exact same manner but trust that the process is working if you’ve been working hard.

5. Goal setting with another person is a sure fire way to make your dreams a reality

What if you and your partner made a goal to do the same workouts for a whole month? I bet if you made a goal to be more consistent and work on similar muscle groups on similar days you and your partner would see results after just one month. Try it out and let me know how it works for you and your partner.


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