Best Travel Apps for Talk and Text


If you know me well you know that I speak with my mother just about every day and I also like to talk to other family members when I can. At first, traveling overseas posed a problem for my communication needs. I was so naive in the beginning because I thought that since we were paying for a phone plan in the states that meant we had some sort of right to use the cellular data kind of like we use to in the states.

I knew that there would be some restrictions but I did realize the implications there would be by simply having the cellular data going for more than an hour. Long story short, I had to figure out how I could contact family members back home for free. I have compiled a list of my favorite apps in the video attached to this post. I also show and explain why I think you should get these apps BEFORE you travel overseas so that you are ready! Enjoy the video and I’ll see you in the next one.

What apps do you use the most when traveling overseas?



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