Exploring Spain: My First Time in Madrid


In today’s post, we are going to talk all about my trip to Madrid, Spain! There were so many things that happened during my trip so I feel like it is not only important to write about my journey on The Jazzy Nation but it is also imperative that I share the vlogs from my adventures too. So check out the vlogs as you read.

A Little Backstory

If you have been keeping up with The Jazzy Nation VLOGS on YouTube, you will know that my parents recently came to Morocco to spend time with my husband and I. It was their first time traveling this way. I was so thrilled and felt like the luckiest girl in the world because my parents basically took the trip for me!

Madrid, Spain

We Arrived in Madrid

Fast forward a week after they arrived, we decided to hop on a cheap flight to Madrid! The flight was only about an hour and fifteen minutes long which was fantastic.

After our quick flight, we arrived at Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport. Even though the flight was really easy and enjoyable, we were tired and ready to settle down. So, we went through customs, grabbed our bags and headed off to our hotel which was located in the heart of Madrid.

Mardrid, Spain

The hotel we stayed at was called Artrip and it was a lovely boutique establishment that accommodated my mother, father, and I quite nicely. Our room had a queen bed for my mom and dad and a couch bed for me which was perfect! The lovely thing about our hotel room was the fact that the sleeping areas were easily separated by a sliding glass door.

Let me know if you’d like a more, in-depth review of the hotel Artrip in a separate post.

The Next Day

The day after we arrived my father and I hit the ground running while my mom stayed in the hotel to rest. We explored the neighborhood around where we stayed and found really cute shops and saw some amazing graffiti. Then we made our way to the Plaza Mayor which was a little far but worth the walk.

Neighboorhood Near ARTRTIP

After a couple of hours, my dad and I went back to the hotel, scooped my mom up, and taxied to the San Miguel Market. I looked forward to this outing the most because it involved food. Some of the cuisines I sampled were Spanish style croquet, jamón, cheese croissants, and so much more! I have to say that, the food in Spain is simply to die for.

San Miguel Market

Days Two and Three

For our second day in Madrid, we decided to go to the Almudena Cathedral. I did not film much at the Almudena Cathedral because it was a quiet museum that asks for photos, videos, and noise to be kept to a minimum. The cathedral was full of amazing artifacts that told the history of the cathedral and it’s importance to Spanish culture and the impact the things we saw had in the world. The Cathedral was beautiful and I highly recommend you check it out if you are in Madrid and like museums!

Almudena Cathedral

The Uncomfortable Part of Our Trip

My parents and I went shopping on Gran Vía street which is located near Puerta del Sol. While shopping, many people stared at us and we did not really know why and we did not want to assume. When we were in one of the large department stores we had some clerks direct their attention toward us. None of the employees asked us if we needed help, they simply kept a close eye on us as we walked through the store.

Near Puerta Del Sol

We even had a woman who, I believe, worked at the store. She followed closely behind my father as he looked at bags. I watched this unfolded from the other side of the aisle as I waited for my dad to finish shopping. We were so offended that we left the store.


Feeling slightly uncomfortable during our shopping trip was probably the only downfall of the journey. Other than that, I really enjoyed myself and I know that my parents enjoyed themselves too! In the future, I would love to travel with them again. It would be so cool to “show them the world” while I explore it for myself too! I am blessed to live the life that I do and I cannot wait to travel really soon again.

Where should we go for our next trip?


Photo and Post Source: Jasmine aka The Jazzy Nation

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