Our mission is to inspire you to live a life of purpose and adventure while traveling or from the comfort of your home


My name is Jasmine and I am an American expat living in Morocco with my husband.  We love traveling as much as we can and we have been to many places in Morocco and outside of the country so far!  During our downtime, we are constantly trying to make our home here in Morocco more cozy and comfortable.  When you are trying to make your mental and physical space a “home away from home” while living abroad, things can seem a bit challenging.  But the reward is always so great in the end. 


My husband’s name is Gozie and he is pretty awesome.  Gozie and I just celebrated our two year anniversary which is really crazy!  We are so excited to continue living life together as we travel the world, meet new people, try amazing new foods, experience other cultures, and so much more! 


Here are some things I think you should know about me:

I was born and raised in Colorado!


I began blogging in 2010.  I started The Jazzy Nation on a blogger site because I wanted to talk about hair, beauty, and my life!  My little blogger site was such a great release for me and I loved all the content I was able to cultivate. After about a year on blogger, I started The Jazzy Nation using WordPress which was so much cleaner and professional.  During that time, I really let loose and wrote stories about everything from mental health, fitness, my YouTube journey, and so much more! 


The Jazzy Nation is the first website (and blog) combination I built myself!  I literally started from scratch and found awesome online resources that helped me make The Jazzy Nation my dream destination for visitors.  


I use to teach code through a STEM program that I coordinated so, creating The Jazzy Nation over the course of two months was a really fun extracurricular activity for me.  I am SO proud of this site and I hope you love it too!


This page will continue to be updated over time with awesome links and articles that will help you get to know my team and I better!  If you have any questions about anything, please ask. 

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