How I Prepared For My Move To India

want to discuss How I Prepared For My Move To India. Additionally, I share my 7 step process for moving abroad as a foreigner/expat. I equate living in India for my second country abroad like having a second baby (although I’ve never had a baby). What I mean by this is, I was less afraid and more ready to move overseas than I was when I moved to Morocco.


My At Home Fitness Routine! + Cheesy Egg Bites Recipe (Free Printable)

Hey and welcome back to The Jazzy Nation! I am so glad you stopped by. In today's post, I am sharing My At Home Fitness Routine plus an awesome breakfast recipe idea! As an expat, I don't always have access to a gym so having an at home fitness routine is really great because I can work out in the comfort of my home while living abroad. This way, I stay fit and healthy which is really important to me. The first thing I like to do in the morning before my workout is to…


Packing Up Our D.C. Aprtment! My Last Days in the States

It's that time again when my husband and I move to a new country! The first country we moved to was Morocco, two years ago. It was my first time traveling outside of the United States, let alone move anywhere of great distance. I think my move to Morocco as well as all the other things I experienced in that country truly prepared me for my future as a professional mover, nomad, & expat!


7 Smart Ways To Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

  Hey, friends! Getting sick while traveling is no fun! Do all that you can to protect yourself from food-related illnesses as well as other sicknesses so you have an amazing trip! Check out the below steps to ensure you have a sick-free adventure and add your advice in the comments below! Subscribe to The Jazzy Nation everywhere and be on the lookout for the next post where I share my story of food sickness and how I struggled and dealt with it while living overseas!   Health Care Talk to your doctor first! Before…

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