My At Home Fitness Routine! + Cheesy Egg Bites Recipe (Free Printable)

Hey and welcome back to The Jazzy Nation! I am so glad you stopped by. In today's post, I am sharing My At Home Fitness Routine plus an awesome breakfast recipe idea! As an expat, I don't always have access to a gym so having an at home fitness routine is really great because I can work out in the comfort of my home while living abroad. This way, I stay fit and healthy which is really important to me. The first thing I like to do in the morning before my workout is to…


Cooking Moroccan Chicken Pastilla/Bastila: Food Inspired By My Life In Morocco (Recipe)

As an American who lived in Morocco for two years, I definitely garnered an appreciation for Moroccan food! Of course, I enjoyed the bread, desserts, tagines but I fell in love with one dish, in particular, Moroccan Chicken Pastilla! Moroccan pastilla is a pie type dish layered with sweet and savory flavors. When I first tried this dish, I could not pinpoint the ingredients because they melted so well together. A year into living in Morocco, I learned how to make this dish, I was surprised to learn about the different intricacies that go into making Moroccan pastilla.…

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