Traveling Abroad as a Black Woman

  In today’s post, I am going to share 7 Surprising Things About Traveling Abroad as a Black Women.  For some of the experiences I share, I am still a little shocked at the fact that these things have happened to me or my family members. Like all of my travel related posts and videos, my hope is to shed light on my experiences in an effort to inspire others to travel and live a bold life. Despite all that I say, please get out into the world and travel. Especially as a black woman…



Here is a quick update on what happened this past week and weekend that has made me feel so loved and grateful.  I feel like every year I owe myself some sort obligatory birthday post.  Not just to gloat about myself or talk about how far I have come, but to honestly say thank you to all of the people that made an effort to make this time special for me. My actual birthday was spent here in Morocco with my husband and I had all of my favorite things present.  There was good food, fun, and we…

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