Our Amazing Trip To Fez, Morocco

  We recently got back from our wonderful trip to Fez, Morocco.  While exploring Fez, I decided to take some footage of what we saw so that I could document our journey for us to look back on in the future, and of course to share with family and friends. The Train Ride to Fez We took a train ride to Fez that lasted for about four hours.  At first, the train ride was really nice because we got to see so much beautiful scenery.  The train itself was climate controlled which was great because that…


A Romantic Trip to Marrakech, Morocco

  We just got back from a wonderful trip to Marrakech, Morroco. This trip was fun because Chigozie had little surprises up his sleeves and I wasn't aware of them until they actually happened! The first surprise of the day was the journey to and throughout Le Jardin Majorelle. As we approached the area of the garden where you pay, I was already in awe because the nearby sections were littered with beautiful palm trees and the weather was an even temperature. I wasn't aware of the beauty that was in store behind the actual…

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Rabat, Morocco was such an adventure! Chigozie and I decided to take the train to the city on a whim because we had the day off. It was my first time riding on a train and what a first time it was. We arrived at the train station and ordered our first class tickets and headed off! First class in Morocco is actually really nice. A first-class train ticket cost about the same price you would pay in the states for a regular ticket so it was a nice treat to have the upgraded accommodation.…

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