Packing Up Our D.C. Aprtment! My Last Days in the States

It's that time again when my husband and I move to a new country! The first country we moved to was Morocco, two years ago. It was my first time traveling outside of the United States, let alone move anywhere of great distance. I think my move to Morocco as well as all the other things I experienced in that country truly prepared me for my future as a professional mover, nomad, & expat!


5 Things I Learned At VidSummit 2018

Hey friends, I was a volunteer for Vid Summit 2018 and there are so many things that happened! I learned so much about myself as a person and creator, I met new friends, I traveled, and much more! I had to take some time to process how I was feeling so this video did not go out around the same time everyone else's did. I can say that I am a little late to the game but it's never too late to share a story right? Here are five things I learned as a VidSummit…


Universal Orlando Ultimate Guide: 5 Tips For Your Best Experience

Gozie and I just got back from an epic Universal Orlando vacation! We had such a great time and I am glad we got to document our adventures for you all to enjoy and learn from. The first park we visited during our trip was Universal Studios Florida! This park was really cool because it was very movie focused and most of the rides were cinematically interactive. Because of these modern features, a lot of people felt the same way we did! Everyone was really excited for each ride which meant the lines were long.…

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